Villa California is a luxury vacation home nestled in the cliffs of Coastal Mendocino, California.  The surrounding area offers small town relaxation and picturesque views in all directions, while Villa California offers all the luxurious amenities needed to rejuvenate you.

Villa California was built to escape the city, the noise, the pollution, and the constant distracting activities of daily life. It is a place to relax, to rejuvenate and celebrate the beauty in nature. Sitting on the hill, looking out to sea, you will breathe the purest air, and hear the soft timeless crashing of waves. From this peaceful perch your creative energy will soar like a hawk. Let it take flight and lead you to new adventures.

The inspiration for the name Villa California comes from the south of France, from Pablo Picasso's home and retreat: Villa Californie. The beauty and magic of California was honored by Picasso's home in Cannes and this artistic spirit has reappeared here, on the real California coast, for all of us to enjoy. Villa Californie was a retreat for Picasso when he lived and worked there. Villa California has taken on a similar feeling in its creative evolution. The house and gardens, with its art, are a work in progress. We hope this place will kindle the same creative passion for you during your sojourn on our Mendocino Riviera.


Villa California

"Everything you can imagine is real"

Pablo Picasso